Mapping Your Account Based Marketing Strategy: It Starts With Account Selecton

November 12, 2016

Account Based Marketing strategies are all the hype these days, but many marketers are struggling with how to get started. With so many people talking about implementing ABM with so many different strategies, who can blame marketers for not knowing where to start?

Many times, marketing departments will dive head first into Account Based Marketing by buying tools that help them with only one aspect of ABM—maybe it’s personalization or measurement. And while these are important to an Account Based Marketing strategy, you have to take a step back before you make that head first dive.

Account-Based Marketing is a strategic approach that coordinates personalized marketing and sales efforts to open doors and deepen engagement at specific accounts. Note the keywords—“specific accounts”. 

Before you kick off an ABM strategy, you have to choose those specific accounts! 

This may sound easy and there are many ways to get it right, but you have to find the way that works best for your organization. 

Think about it, no matter how targeted your message is, or how lock-step your sales and marketing teams are in pursuing an account, if the account isn’t the right fit for your business, you’re probably not going to have the results you were hoping for. 

In this ebook, we’ll cover everything you need to know when selecting accounts to pursue with your ABM strategy. Including:

•    Different ways your organization can select target accounts
•    The difference between traditional manual selection and predictive selection
•    How to break your target accounts out in tiers to achieve success

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