Three Hacks For Account-Based Social Success

August 9, 2016 Amelia Ibarra

Marketers are under a lot of pressure to engage with high-quality sales whales while becoming more efficient and targeted in all of their efforts – spending time curating the right message for the right prospects and the right companies.

It’s no wonder the industry is flocking to Account-Based Marketing (ABM) to solve this problem. Social media is starting to find its own special place within a cohesive ABM strategy. This strategy requires marketers to first select accounts that they want to go after and then tailor their marketing message to those accounts. And it’s working! Companies are seeing bigger deals close in shorter sales cycles.

Social media is finding its own special place within a cohesive ABM strategy. Not only can you target accounts on social platforms with ads, but you can also gather important intel that you can use for messaging, event planning, and your Sales Development Rep outreach.

Check out our latest ebook, ‘A Step-By-Step Guide To Launching Your Account-Based Social Strategy‘ to learn in detail how to start your account-based strategy on social media.

In this post, I’ll go into a few account-based social hacks to help you to account-based social success!

Hack #1: Enable Your Sales and Marketing Teams for Social

Do a quick and easy social enablement training for your revenue team (sales + marketing.)  A few key items that your social media manager or content team should review with your internal teams are:

  • Team and individual goals for social media
  • How social can help your organization’s Account-Based Marketing plans
  • How to set up listening streams for individual target accounts (this is in the ebook!)
  • How sales and marketing can help each other for account-based social

Hack #2: Track Everything

As you start incorporating social media into your ABM strategy, make sure to track the ROI coming from social from the very beginning.

A few metrics that matter for account-based social are:

  • Click through rate (CTR): measure the CTR on the links you post on social and on any social ads you’re running
  • Engagement: successful social hinges on strong engagement. How many ‘likes’ or shares are you getting?
  • Visits: track how many people are visiting your landing pages, blog posts, and website that came in from a social post
  • Conversions: track any downloads or form fills that come through social to your gated content
  • A/B Testing: run the same copy but different images on social ads to see what resonates best with your audience

You’re probably wondering at this point how you could possibly track all this? Take a look at the example below. We utilize the Custom URL Parameters feature within Hootsuite to help us track quickly and at scale. This little-known feature basically appends saved templates of custom Google UTM links so that you don’t have to manually go to the Google URL builder each time you want to track a social link on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

B2B social media tracking

This feature has definitely saved me a lot of time. I suggest keeping a master Google Sheet with all of your tracked, shortened URLs by social platform. This will help you save time when you want to share your newest or most popular content on social media with your target accounts and overall social audience.

Hack #3: Use Tools to Streamline Your Efforts

OK, so we know that no one becomes a social media sensation overnight, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get by with a little help from your friends – or some apps, in this case!

One tool we use to make our account-based social efforts more streamlined is If This Then That. They have several social automation ‘recipes‘ that can make your life a little easier. A couple of our favorite recipes include posting an Instagram photo as a native tweet and building Twitter lists from specific hashtags.

A few of my favorite desktop apps that help me easily edit photos for social media are Adobe Photoshop and the more user-friendly, Canva. I mainly utilize these two tools to create social media ads that fit within our brand guidelines for social. I recommend creating social media ‘templates’ within PhotoShop that are sized for each of your major social media platforms. Doing this also allows you to use branded fonts and colors on your images.

And last but not least, if you’re a mobile-savvy marketer, I adore using A Color Story and VSCO cam apps for editing images on-the-go, especially for Instagram. These apps help you create sharp, colorful images so that you can spend less time worry making your images look visually pleasing and more time thinking of an engaging caption.

Want to dive into using social media for account-based marketing? Get started with our ebook, ‘A Step-By-Step Guide To Launching Your Account-Based Social Strategy.’

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