Al and Peggy Bundy Syndrome: How to Combat Sales and Marketing Misalignment to Maximize Conversions

July 19, 2016

Sales: Where’s the GOOD leads?

Marketing: You haven’t followed up on anything we have sent over!


Like two bickering spouses, it seems like marketing and sales just can’t get along and it

seems like the only way to drive peace is filling your funnel with high quality top of

funnel leads. But this might be a little easier said than done.


Check out Matt Amundson, EverString’s Sr. Director of Sales Development, and Leticia

Rodriguez, Marketing Programs Manager, in their webinar to find out how EverString

has aligned sales and marketing, and fed the top of the funnel in the process.


This session will cover how to identify and tackle sales and marketing misalignment, and

how to maintain a relationship that enables both teams to work together to increase

pipeline, as well as:


 How to spot the symptoms of misalignment;

 Tactics for aligning priorities around the right target audience:

 How to structure the team for top-of- the-funnel success; and

 Increasing efficiencies of sales and marketing by putting time and money

towards the most likely to convert prospects.


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