How to Get Started With An Account-Based Strategy: It Begins With Account-Based Content!

August 11, 2016

Account-Based Marketing is such a hot topic right now, but how many people are actually doing ABM? Let’s stop talking about it and start doing it!

Account-Based Marketing helps marketers make the transition from a traditional lead-based methodology to an account-based methodology. Going account-based enables marketers to uncover the true definition of a good and a bad lead by assessing company fit. In other words, ABM focuses on looking at whether or not a lead’s company is a business that you can actually sell into.

Creating an Account-Based content strategy is a great way to kick off your ABM efforts.

In this webinar, you will learn how to actually start doing Account-Based Marketing, including:

·         How to identify the right accounts to go after with your ABM strategy

·         How to tier your accounts in order to dedicate the right amount of your teams’ effort to different accounts

·         How to create relevant content for your target accounts

·         Different content strategies to help you guide your best accounts through the buyer journey

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