EverString Fiesta on Taco Tuesday!

August 29, 2016

Predictive marketing and Taco Tuesday. One is revolutionizing the way sales and marketing teams identify, target, and market to buyers. The other makes people happy—one could even argue it promotes sales and marketing alignment. So why not combine the two?

We want to show you the EverString Audience Platform. And, we want you to get yourself something awesome afterwards. For every completed demo, EverString will send you a Fiesta in a Box—everything you need to get ready for everyone’s favorite day of the week: Taco Tuesday!

So, schedule a demo with our sales team and learn how EverString's audience platform can:

  • Grow your database with net-new, best fit companies and people
  • Focus resources on the companies and people that matter most
  • Add relevant data for better context and insights on prospects

Take a demo meeting today and get a Fiesta in a Box just for hanging out with us! Sign Up Now.


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