SDRs: You Got 99 Problems, But None of These Should be One

February 1, 2016 Matt Amundson

Anytime I do a presentation about a SDR process, I always remind my audience that the job is many things, but above all I’d categorize it with a single word–difficult.

There are a million things that can stand in your way of setting up a great meeting for the AE you support.

Can you find the right person in the organization? And once you do, can you find the right email or the right phone number? When you catch them live, can you recall the elevator pitch? And if you do recall the elevator pitch, are you catching your prospect at a time when they’re willing to listen to you? Are they a good fit for your product or service? And if they are, will they build budget to buy your product? And on and on and on.

The truth is, as an SDR, nearly everything is working against you, so here’s a list of things you should NOT do an as SDR to ensure you’re not making things worse.

Don’t Over-Qualify!

My biggest pet peeve as a SDR leader (and more importantly as a buyer) is over qualification. If you have a buyer on the line or in an email, get the heck out of their way and get them to an Account Executive (AE) ASAP. I know this can disrupt your company’s “standard process” but guess what, this is not a “standard buyer”. If your “standard process” is keeping your company from making money, then needless to say you’re botching it.

I work very closely with the marketing department here at EverString, and you wouldn’t believe how many vendors we have chosen not to work with because they put our team through the qualification ringer. When a prospect has full BANT and is telling you they are buying something, move aside and hand that prospect off to your AE. If your AE grills you over a lack of notes, trust me they’ll be high-fiving you a few days later when the deal closes.

Seriously in 2016, can we all as one collective voice declare we are going to STOP DOING THIS!?!

Don’t Be Disorganized (SFDC) is a pretty decent way to organize your life if you’re a salesperson, but when your dealing with hundreds or thousands of leads, as SDRs do,  it doesn’t scale very well. Having a huge number of tasks leads to really bad behavior like–eek–not running a prospect through a full outbound cadence or, worse, not getting back in touch with someone when they asked you to reach out.

To deal with this problem at EverString, we’ve implemented SalesLoft.  SalesLoft takes the SDRs experience out of SFDC and into a UI that’s easier to use. My SDRs are more organized, they know who they are calling, they know who they are emailing, and most importantly, they know what to say or send to prospects.

Don’t Call Just Any Account

Whether you have an Account-Based Marketing strategy or not, your best bet is to target companies that are most likely to buy from you. This may sound like a “no-duh” statement, but almost every company markets to prospects that are not a fit for their product or service.

This is a systemic problem that comes from the proliferation of sales and marketing technologies that make it easier than ever to reach bigger and bigger audiences. The problem is, as you know, the more people you market to, the more garbage starts creeping into your database. If you had a perspective on every business within your addressable market, as an SDR, you’d know where to spend your time wouldn’t you?  Even if you don’t have a predictive marketing platform to do that for you, make a plan with your AE to target specific accounts in your region or vertical. If you set meetings with organizations your AEs want to sell to, 90% of the qualification is nailed already.

You Are a Human Being, Start Acting Like One

Now that you know whom you’re targeting, don’t reach out to them with the same old batch-and-blast emails. Your marketing department can send over-arching messages that are generic, but built to grab the attention of wide audiences. But you are a person, and you should have interactions with your prospects as if you are a human being. Personalize your messaging by getting to know prospects. They want you to know them! More and more people are putting personal information on their LinkedIn profiles and this is a great source for outreach. If they’re into tennis, talk about it. Went to Michigan? Let’s talk Jim Harbaugh. Do they love puppies? How about a puppy Gif?  Make it personal, and make it fun. Prospects are sick of the same ol’ deluge.

To my people–our jobs are hard.  Let’s all do our best to make them a little bit easier.

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